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Romania’s Disaster Movie: The Film Industry Cash Rebate Scheme that Wasn’t

2018 saw the introduction of the Romanian movie production cash rebate system and a subsequent uptick in movie productions seeking to develop in Romania. The ambitiously outlined rebate system seemed quite appealing, initially. However, over the past three years, it failed to live up to its original goals. Adriana Spataru agrees, adding that “the only

Renewed Efforts to Develop PPPs in Romania

Although Romania’s history with public-private partnerships (PPPs) spans over two decades, the legal framework in force until 2018 did not attract sufficient private partner interest for the development of such projects. As a result, to date, the number of successful PPPs remains rather low. The 2018 overhaul of the legal framework was part of a

New Government Ordinance No. 18/2022 | Corporate Law | Romania

NEW GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE NO. 18/2022 PERTAINING TO THE AUTHORIZATION AND OPERATION IN ROMANIA OF REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES OF FOREIGN COMPANIES AND ECONOMIC ORGANIZATIONS The Government Ordinance no. 18/2022 pertaining to the authorization and operation in Romania of representative offices of foreign companies and economic organizations (the “GO no. 18/2022”), was published in the Official Gazette No.

Leroy si Asociatii is recognized by IFLR1000 once again

  IFLR1000 has published its 2022 rankings and Leroy si Asociatii has maintained a leading position with high rankings in several categories. The firm’s mergers and acquisitions, banking & finance, capital markets and project development practices are all ranked by IFLR1000, having both its partners recognized in the guide. Andreea Toma and Bruno Leroy said,

Implementation Of Regulation (EU) 452/2019

Publication in the Official Gazette of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 46/2022 on measures to implement Regulation (EU) 452/2019 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2019 establishing a framework for the examination of foreign direct investment in the Union and for amending and supplementing Competition Law no. 21/19961. Publication in the

Decision no. 564 / 11 November 2021 entered into force on 24 December 2021

Decision for the approval of the Norms on the regulation, recognition, approval or acceptance of the procedure for the remote identification of persons via video means Decision no. 564 / 11 November 2021 issued by the Authority for the Digitization of Romania (the “Authority”) approving the norms on the regulation, recognition, approval or acceptance of