CSR is fully integrated into our firm’s mission,

covering how we relate to the environment and society more broadly.

Our goals are beyond the legal and compliance obligations of good governance, putting social and environmental concerns equally at the heart of our business for long-term sustainable gains. For us, the social reflects the programme of activities undertaken to demonstrate awareness of, and improve the situation for those affected by, any of a number of social and environmental issues.

For many years now, we are supporting organisations such as:

  •  The Eidos Foundation (EIDOS Foundation is non-profit organization based in Bucharest, Romania, committed to supporting new cultural forms and practices on an international level and across disciplines.);
  • The Sonoro Association (Since 2006, the Sonoro Association organizes chamber music events in Romania, but also around the world. Their mission is to inspire young people, children and adults through liberal arts and humanities, approached in an interactive way.);
  • The Aspera Group Association ( The Association offers support for addicts and their families through: individual and family psychological counseling, support groups for former addicts, support groups for family members, trainings, courses, workshops for addicts and family, various other activities with educational purpose, addiction prevention.);
  • The “Protected Workshops” Association ( The non-governmental organization was founded in 2002 and works for people with disabilities who are over 18 years old. Their goal is to help as many disabled people as possible, who are often at home without any form of socialization and without any possibility to develop personally).